• What To Know About Eating Disorders
    Eating disorders are complex mental health conditions and can affect all children and adolescents. These often manifest with physical symptoms related to food intake and weight. However, eating disorders stem from a Read more
  • How to Talk to Your Teen About Eating Disorders
    Children's Healthcare Office Helps Teenagers with an Eating Disorder Six incredible, licensed, highly skilled pediatric doctors and their staff head up Children's Healthcare Medical Associates in San Diego, CA. We offer Read more
  • FAQs About Eating Disorders
    Eating disorders are common and can also be very serious. If a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, you should get in touch with medical professionals right away. Read more
  • Different Types Of Eating Disorders
    Eating disorders are not about food, they are about control. Most people who suffer from eating disorders want to be able to be in control of at least one aspect Read more
  • Types of Eating Disorders
    Our highly skilled team of pediatricians is here for you and your child. Children's Healthcare Medical Associates proudly serves San Diego, CA. Eating disorders should be taken very seriously and Read more
  • Adolescent and Teen Eating Disorders
    As your teen grows up and begins to experience puberty as well as the standards they may feel are placed on them, they may feel pressure to take up habits Read more

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