How to Talk to Your Teen About Eating Disorders

Children's Healthcare Office Helps Teenagers with an Eating Disorder

Six incredible, licensed, highly skilled pediatric doctors and their staff head up Children's Healthcare Medical Associates in San Diego, CA. We offer a variety of services. However, we are seeing many teenagers with disorders in eating. We provide help for these teenagers and their parents to conquer this disorder.

How Do Parents Discuss Eating Habits with a Teen?

Our six pediatric doctors at Children's Healthcare Medical Associates, located in San Diego, CA, counsel many teens and parents on common eating disorders. Eating disorders affect any age, gender, and economic status.

First, when dealing with common childhood emotions, you must keep your emotions in check. The following are a few reasons your child may struggle to talk with you.

  • Embarrassment
  • Anger
  • Threatened

Successful talks depend on your patience, understanding of your child, and ability not to give in or give up helping them. As soon as possible, initiating an open discussion about eating habits is best.

The time and place for talks of this nature are unique to each individual. Discussions should be done in quiet and private settings. The fewer distractions, the better. Reassure your child that you support them and will not judge or place blame on them.

Show your child you can be a great listener. Listening to a child talk tells that child you value their opinion, thoughts, and what is important to them. Your child is less likely to talk to you if you constantly interrupt them.

Hold your criticism of the child, as this accomplishes nothing. Criticism can eventually cause the child not to talk to anyone. Thus, the disorder becomes worse.

Children do appreciate boundaries set by their parents even if they express otherwise. You remain responsible for your child until they reach legal age. You must focus on the long-term effects of bad eating habits. Your child may refuse help from a professional, causing you to seek additional support and advice from a professional.

We Are Here to Help Your Teen

Years ago, mental health issues were not up for discussion because we did not know what name to call the disorder nor how to fix it. So, mental health was ignored for many years. But this is no longer the case. We want to share the incredible resources we have available to parents of teens with an eating disorder.

Our skilled and compassionate pediatric doctors at Children's Healthcare Medical Associates in San Diego, CA can help you. Call (619) 297-5437 and schedule a consultation regarding help with your teen's eating disorders because the problem will not disappear.

Our goal for your children is for them to lead a fulfilling, happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

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